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Hello SMS

Hello SMS is a neat little app to browse SMS messages quickly. The interface is minimal and is way better than what you would get with Android's in-built app or Hangouts integation with SMS.

August 24, 2014

Skill Pages

Skill pages is like a cross between Yellow Pages and LinkedIn — to search in your neighborhood for for skills ranging from plumber to graphic artist. No login is required to find people with skills, which is nice. But with a login, you can also create connections, post your own skills, and find jobs too. The default view is a map with pins for a select few skilled people in your locality. The map view also has a list view at the bottom but that isn't immediately apparent. The app makes good use of white space, provides adequately sized touchpoints and restricts people from adding junk entries which we liked

June 24, 2014

Square Cash

Square Cash aims to be the easiest way to transfer money between friends just using your email ID and your debit card. From a design standpoint the flow of the app is extremely simple and intuitive: Enter amount, hit request/send, send email, enter debit card (no other cards accepted) details - a one time activity and done. You can also see your transaction history with individuals within the app, but only the transfer amounts and nothing else. We think a little annotation for each transfer would be useful.

May 3, 2014


Kwote is a new app that lets you create your own typographic posters using its extensive library of quotes. Customization of the poster ranges from colors, typeface and text placement.

March 30, 2014

MTV Artists

MTV's new app aspires to do everything from following artists, to buying concert tickets and everything in between. But instead of trying to build their own services around each functionality, MTV Artists does the smart thing by harnessing available services providers for video viewing, social media, music streaming etc. Functionality wise there are a few glaring issues like the images and videos don't show-up/play on some devices which hopefully will be addressed in the future builds. Design wise the app is refreshingly uncluttered, with only a 3 color palette throughout. Interactions are simplistic with most tiles supporting swiping gestures.

March 28, 2014

Timely Alarm Clock

Timely is an interactivity masterpiece. The app is integrates a clock, an alarm, a timer and a stopwatch - something that is now a standard offering with the stock clock option on Android but the visual design and the way the interactivity is set up is simply stunning. For a change, this app has more swipe and drag interactions than tap. Not to mention, the animations for everything – the ticking numbers, the stopwatch et all is just perfect. It even has its own set of pleasing alarm sounds which are a vast improvement over the stock set.

March 7, 2014


Pheed is a social networking app that let's you share text, videos, music, photos and voice notes. Think of Twitter, only with more options. The app introduces new features through properly time context help bubbles. Pheed borrows quite a bit from other social networking apps in terms of interface elements. This is not necessarily a bad thing though some differentiating factors would have been nice.

March 3, 2014

CALCU: The Ultimate Calculator

CALCU is an attempt to re-engineer the way we interact with smartphone calculators. It features a limited but nice set of gestured interactivity along with the ability to customize on top of the standard and scientific key layouts by adding additional functions/constants to create your own personalized keyboard layouts. It also has a set of 12 inbuilt skins for the user to choose from. The calculations feature smooth transitions, and the user has the ability to view the calculation history. All in all CALCU adds great experience to the humdrum task of arithmetic.

February 28, 2014

Hue - Beautiful Weather

Hue is a beautifully designed minimalist weather app. It uses a sagacious mix of typography and a suggestive color palette along with simple iconography to convey weather information. Small animations have been incorporated for every interaction which makes the app experience all the more fluid. One caveat - this app is not geared for the power users of weather info world.

February 24, 2014

Google Offers

Google Offer is a shopping app that acts as a coupon store. You can browse through a list of coupons that are made available to you and save them to your personal list from which they can be redeemed. The two primary views the app provides is Nearby and Recommended. The neat thing about the app is that no print out or Google Wallet access is required. You just have to show the screen at the store to redeem. The app can also remind you the next time you're near a store for which you have a coupon saved. One issue we have with the app is that the primary views are static in the sense that saved/used offers do not disappear from the lists.

February 18, 2014

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